About Us

Mosoj Chaski was founded in 1999 as a short-wave Christian radio station to reach the Quechua people who are scattered across Bolivia. Mosoj Chaski, which in Quechua means ¨The New Messenger¨, was started by missionaries from SIM, New Tribes Mission and Pioneers International, along with like-minded Bolivian nationals.


Mosoj Chaski is a non-profit organization that seeks to build up the Quechua Church through radio programming and literature. Presently Mosoj Chaski and the founding missions are in a transition process which will ultimately lead them to functioning on their own as a completely national organization.


Because we are working in a native language, this means all of our radio programs must be produced ¨in house¨. Program production means we must research, write, record and edit every program that goes out over the air. All of our programs are written from a Christian perspective and are presented with the Quechua worldview in mind. We broadcast our shortwave signal 8 hours a day, 4 hours in the early morning and 4 hours in the evening, providing people with current national and international news, announcements of local events and Biblical programming to help them in their spiritual growth.



The Mosoj Chaski Bookstore has become the primary provider of Christian Quechua literature and music for the country of Bolivia. In addition to Biblical reference materials and Bible study books, we also offer literacy materials, DVD´s of Bible teaching and solar-rechargeable fixed frequency radios that include the Quechua Bible in audio format.